JOMDD secured approximately $3M USD in Series A funding led by Japanese healthcare companies.

We are pleased to announce that our company has secured approximately 300 million yen (299 million yen) in Series A funding led by three companies; Goodman Co., Ltd. (Nagoya, Japan), USCI Holdings, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), and M3, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan).

Thanks to our initial fundraising efforts we were able to accelerate the business expansion of our first product, OZAKI VRec Sizer™/OZAKI VRecS™ (Refer to the May 26 release “The aortic valve reconstructive surgery Sizer Set released to the U.S. and Japanese markets.”) both in the domestic and overseas markets, and we are currently developing second and third products in house with the aim of creating an open innovation platform for launching medical products from Japan.

In addition, through strategic alliance with these three preeminent companies in major areas of the medical field; leading domestic medical equipment manufacturers Goodman Co., Ltd., medical equipment distributor USCI Holdings, Inc., and M3, Inc., who provide one of the largest internet sites for health care professionals (m3.com), with approximately 250,000 medical practitioners enrolled, we are able to provide one-stop service covering the complete range of medical device development, and introduce made-in-Japan medical innovation to the global market.

■Company websites
Goodman Co. Ltd. : http://www.goodmankk.com/
USCI Holdings, Inc. : http://www.usciholdings.com/
M3, Inc. : http://corporate.m3.com/