JOMDD, Inc. Announces Capital Increase through Third-party Allocation

~Accelerated commercialization and sales channel expansion of medical devices in development, while strengthening our investment and alliance with other companies in the medical device business~


July 10, 2019
Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc., medical device incubator and innovator (Headquarters: Chuo-ku Tokyo; President & CEO Takahiro Uchida), executed a capital increase through third-party allocation. JOMDD has already taken Japanese-developed medical technologies and commercialized them globally. This capital increase will enable JOMDD to accelerate the development of its current portfolio and expand its medical device incubation business.

-Message from CEO Takahiro Uchida-
“This year, one of our portfolio companies achieved an exit through M & A. JOMDD’s portfolio of companies and in-house development projects are steadily growing. These results have led to this capital increase. Several large companies are expecting business synergy in collaboration with JOMDD. Also, numerous regional financial institutions have become new shareholders. In Japan, many manufacturing companies are concentrated in regional areas. I think JOMDD will be able to help directly or indirectly these local manufacturing companies. JOMDD’s growth will allow us to play an important role in creating an ecosystem for the commercialization of medical innovation across Japan. We will continue do our best to keep up the good work.“

New Shareholders
Oita Venture Capital Co.,Ltd
URL: http://www.oita-vc.co.jp/

Canon Inc.
URL: global.canon

Niigata Venture Capital, Inc.
URL: https://niigata-vc.co.jp/

Fuyo General Lease Co.,Ltd.
URL: https://www.fgl.co.jp/eng/

URL: https://www.macnica.co.jp/en/top

Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.
URL: https://www.mucap.co.jp/english/

URL: http://www.minatocp.co.jp/index.html

URL: https://www.boy.co.jp/hojin/venture/


About JOMDD, Inc.
Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc., “JOMDD” is a Japan’s first incubator to support medical start-up and develop medical device products in collaboration with academia and companies in Japan.
In order to foster domestic products widely used in the world, we are collaboration with the Japan Medical Association and local governments and consulting for companies.